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Who says you can’t make Buckwheat only pasta?

by on April 30, 2009

I am constantly looking for good gluten free recipes because some of my family are gluten intolerant. That being said I have recently been on the hunt for a really good pasta recipe. Having a variety of flours on my counter I decided to try a couple of pure blends just to see how they turned out. My first choices were Millet flour and Buckwheat flour.

My basic recipe was 1 C of the respective flour to one egg, with enough water to make a manageable dough.  The millet flour does not produce anything I would say was sticky or gummy (sticky or gummy in this case being a good thing so that the dough would hold together). The dough was extremely fragile and fell apart easily; a bit like wet sand. Baked, it was hard. Very hard; very much like a stone, but brittle, and it didn’t taste good. Not even like birdseed.

The one advantage to the millet pasta was its durability during cooking. I boiled a piece 20-25 minutes and it was still viable; it still didn’t taste very good, but it was texturally fine.

The buckwheat was better. I was browsing the internet in advance and the majority of websites said that you can’t make a buckwheat only pasta  because it will fall apart like wet sand because of the lack of gluten. Well, after some kneading the dough held together nicely. Certainly not like a dough with gluten in it, but it was strong enough to be rolled both by hand and through a pasta machine to the very thinnest setting and still hold together.

I ended up over cooking it. I would say that it could have been cooked for about 30 seconds (for the thinnest pasta) and been great. Tossed with some butter and chopped bacon the flavor was nice (just overcooked). When dried, you do notice the lack of gluten as the pasta is rather fragile. I think that a thicker pasta would hold up better to drying. Oh, and baked the dough puffed up slightly and  was cracker like. I think that if you rolled it really thin and then baked it, the resulting cracker would be cool.

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