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by on May 20, 2009


Camembert at 3 1/2 weeks

I love cheese. Whether it is nutty parmiggiano or creamy camembert, fresh chevre or just plain olde cheddar (aged clothbound is even better!), I love it. That being said, up till just a few months ago, I had never made cheese! I don’t know why.

Regardless, I attended a goat cheese course in March and have been steadily attempting a variety of cheeses. I have a source of excellent goat milk, so that is what I have used. The next couple of posts will be about my cheese making. (So far I’ve done: feta, mozzarella, chevre, camembert, ricotta, and whey cheese “gjetost”)

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  1. I also love Camembert and Cheddar, but my all time favorite would be Gouda, especially the world prized one called Old Amsterdam.

    • najarvis permalink

      Yes, Gouda are a wonderful thing. I don’t know if I’ve had Old Amsterdam specifically, but I have had aged gouda which have the crystallized calcium deposits just like good parmesan. It’s good stuff.

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