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Nutless pesto revisited

by on June 16, 2009

I love having things reserved in the cabinet or freezer; ready to be used as a quick dinner component. I had some nutless pesto left over from a party awhile back. Not wanting to waste it, and having heard that pesto freezes wonderfully, I just sealed the pesto in a zip-top bag, and froze it. Prior to freezing, the pesto was good. If there was any significant difference in taste between pesto with pinenuts and this one, it was that the nutless pesto is a bit more pungent; the garlic and basil were much more prominant and their volatiles traveled up your nasal passages much in the same way that a mouthful of fresh ginger, wasabi, or horseradish would.  Anyway, a couple of weeks later I was looking for something for supper and pulled the pesto out to make a sauce for grilled chicken. The amazing thing is that the flavor was identical to the fresh state and the color had not changed. I even think, although this is purely anecdotal and not scientific, that the color stayed that brilliant green longer than the fresh pesto usually does.


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