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Food Pairing

by on June 25, 2009

My dearth of posts is due to being on vacation for two weeks; that being said, the vacation provided ample time for creativity and ideas.

— — —

Food Pairing just added another ingredient: Tequila.

For those unawares, Food Pairing is a site that uses analysis of flavor compounds to compose flavor “maps” or “trees” of other ingredients that match well with the ingredient you choose and of other ingredients that combine to provide a similar flavor. It is extremely useful when you are trying to complete a dish conception and have a missing flavor that you can’t identify.

The site has most of the basic ingredients you would expect: a wide variety of herbs, a decent selection of proteins, some nuts, and a significant number of fruit and vegetables (just as the doctor prescribed). If you don’t find something you want, you can send a sample in and they will analyze it for you. (Something that is on my list of things to do; just for fun) The only caveat is that a handful of companies (I can only assume) sent in their products to be tested and added to the list, so this handful of ingredients seem a bit out of place, like Jules Destrooper Almond Thins and Verstegan Seaweed Mix.


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