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Old Faithful Root Beer

by on July 6, 2009

I love finding local beverages where ever I travel. Recently, my family and I traveled to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Bryce Canyon, Lake City Colorado and back.

A rather unique root beer that I found was Grand Teton Brewing Company’s Old Faithful Root Beer. Their website characterizes it as “a traditional old-style brew with natural sassafras, wintergreen, molasses and anise essences. It has a full-bodied, robust flavor and is naturally caffeine-free.” Their wording aside, I found it to start with a traditional root beer taste, much like Mugs; nothing exotic. The finish, however, is the the kicker; faint baking spices warm your palate and the flavor clove lingers elusively for at least 30 seconds (it took me at least five minutes to identify it). Otherwise, there is also some vanilla and menthol. Along with the clove aftertaste, the mouth-feel was a bit acidic.

It ranks a 4; given the opportunity, I would definitely buy this root beer again!

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