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Summer Churns Again

by on July 7, 2009

Continuing my frozen confection obsession, I made ice cream for the 4th as well as the sorbets. Goat cheese ice cream is something that we had on the menu at a restaurant where I worked in the pastry department a couple of years ago. At the time, it struck me as being a really cool use of goat cheese and it was really good! Since many of the people at the 4th of July party were going to be goat people, I figured it would go over well. At the restaurant we used a full bodied Texas chevre. I ended up with Vermont Butter and Cheese Co’s plain chevre this past weekend. Being much more mild, Vermont’s chevre made a great ice cream; it tasted like cheesecake! If you use a fuller-bodied and flavored chevre the ice cream will be just a tad more savory, but still really great. It’s up to you. (if you really want to pull all the stops out, make separate batches using a couple of different types of chevre.) If you’re looking for local, really good, goat cheese check out the side bar. Blue Heron sells at multiple farmers’ markets in Houston, and Swede Farm sells its cheese in Austin.

Goat Cheese Ice Cream

If you looked at the recipe, you saw that the goat cheese ice cream is a full fat ice cream, which produces a super creamy treat. But in my family (on my father’s side), summer wouldn’t be complete without a batch of my grandmother’s peach ice cream made with Texas Hill Country Peaches. (Other peaches will work, but the taste isn’t the same.) It is a milk based ice cream, and so it freezes just about rock solid. The original recipe calls for some AP flour to thicken the milk, but I converted it to some xanthan gum and it worked out just fine (and my father couldn’t tell the difference!). The vanilla helps to highlight the peaches, but you could also use a little bit of almond extract as well. This is excellent by itself, but also good with angel food cake.

Grandmoms Peach Ice Cream.


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