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I never really liked radishes before…

by on April 21, 2012

My only previous interaction with radishes was in a salad or on a vegetable platter. When present in minute quantities, they provide a nice pungency and bitterness to a salad with a rich dressing, like ranch. However, I just wasn’t very fond of them. So, pray tell, why did I purchase two bunches at the farmers market last week? I suppose it was because I know that they are good for you to eat.

Let it be known, rule number one of healthy eating (for even the healthiest of healthy foods): if you don’t eat it, you gain no health from the it. And so I discovered my radishes languishing, beginning to wilt and soften, in my produce drawer yesterday. Stricken with guilt when I was inclined to throw them away, I decide to find a recipe to give radishes one last shot. I was expecting a recipe for pickled radishes (which I did find), I never had thought about cooking them before!

Sliced thinly and sauteed in a little butter they didn’t even need salt! I could still taste the radish flavor, but without the intense pungency or bitterness. They are my new favorite vegetable. Tonight I had them with asparagus.


ImageSo if you have always passed the poor radish by, pick some up and give them a try.

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