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About me

Hi, I’m Nathan.

I always wanted to be a chef as a child. My father said I needed a real degree, so after being homeschooled through High School, I attended the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. Post graduation, I pursued a variety of business ventures including consulting, catering, product development and teaching; I also own and operate a small gluten-free bakery, The Copper Hearth Bakery.

I used to live in Houston (in the Great State of Texas) but now I reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas pursuing a PhD in Food Science at the University of Arkansas.

This blog is a chronicle of my various culinary trials, projects, and exploits. Please feel free to comment or contact me; I love to pursue things more fully.  If you would like to read my musings on God, life, and other such things check out my other blog: Xanders Musings


One Comment
  1. John Zahn permalink

    I found your blog. …forgot about the xanders thing

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