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Root beer tastings

One of my many passions is root beer. While some people might seek out local beer to try when they travel anywhere, I seek out the local root beer (I might seek out the local beer too, but I should leave that for another page!). I’ve gone so far as to gather all of my friends, and all of the various kinds of root beer that I can get ahold of, and host a root beer tasting.

This is a list of all the root beers I have tried and written about. The list will grow as I find new brews and as I have time to blog about them  (I have a bunch that need to be blogged about; I’m saving them for a rainy day). If you know of one I don’t have here, drop me a line. I love trying new things.

Of course, there are others out there that have done similar things. The most notable is Anthony’s root beer barrel. Check it out. He’s done a really good job. There is also Root Beer World which has a list of every available brand they can find (more than 2500!). There isn’t an agreed upon way to rate root beer. I have mine broken down into five categories: 5 – so amazing it is worth spending any waking hour trying to find, 4 – excellent root beer worth seeking out and stocking up on, 3 – good all around & every day drinking root beer, 2 – a decent brew which is not entirely a waste of money, 1 – don’t waste your money


Old Faithful Root Beer – 4

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