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Finding Recipes

I have a collection of cookbooks which currently number over 250. As I keep telling my family when they ask whether I have enough, they are reference and brainstorming materials. When I want to make something, I pull a bunch of them out and compare techniques and ingredients. As such, there are lots of times that I don’t find what I’m looking for, so I turn to the internet. However, this is a list of topics/dishes/ingredients which I look for in my collection, which books I looked in, and what (if anything) I found. This is a list that I am keeping for myself, as reference but also for y’all. Cheers!

Winter Squash soup

  • Deborah Madison‘s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone – nice recipe, excellent idea to use the seeds as an ingredient in a vegetable stock for the soup: I’ve never seen that before but I am going to try it and make it part of my toolbox.
  • James Beard’s American Cookery – nothing! Only a one page reference to winter squash that simply includes directions for roasting the squash.


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